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Our website has been in effect for about a year. This should be your go-to informational center for what is happening in the world of the Idaho Quarter Horse Association! We are asking our members to send us photos and videos that you have taken at any of the 2015 shows. In our show and contest drop down we have all the information that pertains to the 2015 show season along with links to the appropriate areas for qualifying requirements from AQHA. Also listed in this drop down are the Idaho show points for 2015. We have links to Facebook & Twitter. Also available is our classified ad section. Please call for the requirements necessary to place an ad.


The 2015 MERCHANT VALUE list has gone out to all the 2015 members along with their current membership card. I was talking to a couple of our members that have used the discounts. Western Stockman’s for one. They loved it. The comment was made that WSI made the process so easy. We need to make sure that all the merchants that have contributed to our membership value know how much we appreciate them. The affiliate is working hard to add to this list, not just merchants from the Southwest…but Statewide. Please send me the names of any merchants in your area that you might think would participate. I’ll pass their names on to the proper committee.

President’s Message

I had the honor of representing IQHA at the National AQHA Convention in Fort Worth, TX in March. What a wonderful experience! The General Assembly had over 1200 members in attendance. They had committee meetings daily, some open to non-members, others were closed door. Saturday night they bussed us to a cutting, reining event at the Will Rogers Event Center. If you have never been to this event center..go if you have the opportunity. Its huge! Fort Worth is starting to build another arena there for $53 million dollars all under one roof. The only disappointment I had was there were no meetings for the State Presidents. AQHA is wondering how the State Affiliates are doing. This would have been the perfect place to have a meet and greet for the Affiliates in order to learn what works or doesn’t work. We need to build up our resources so we can help fund the President’s trip in the future. I think that every State President should attend. It gives you a different perspective on what we should be doing with IQHA.

The Affiliate Board would like to thank the members that donated to our 2014 fundraiser. The Henderson’s from Oregon that won this package last year had a great time. Again this year
we called on faithful members and with that we collected enough money to have our NFR Trip funded completely. The sale of tickets will go to promote the American Quarter Horse in the State
of Idaho.

The Show and Contest Committee has been very busy. We have 9 approved shows so far this 2015 show season. These are all IDAHO APPROVED SHOWS! For the northern area of the state we have 4 approved shows within a 125 mile area. 

On May 16 at the Caldwell show at the Canyon Co. Fairgrounds, the Affiliate is hosting a Welcome Social/ Member Appreciation from 5-7 pm. 

We want to thank the merchants that are participating in our Horse Expo Booth for 2015. We are looking for volunteers to take turns keeping the booth open. Please visit the booth on April 17-19 at the Horse Park in Nampa.

Great news for the Youth! All youth get a free 2015 membership card. However, they will have to pay for having their points kept by the points keeper for year end awards. With the help of the new Youth advisors on each end of the state, new recruiting and fresh ideas, we hope to bring our youth membership to a new high.

I want to thank all of you for your encouragement and positive imput.

Our next Board meeting will be May 27 at the Horse Council conference room.

Claudia Halden, President

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New IQHA mailing address
  • Please use our new mailing address: IQHA PO Box 1517, Caldwell ID, 83606 for mailed correspondence and membership applications.